Three Graces.jpg

Three Graces, John Reger, Oil on Linen, 6x9, 2013 (upstairs studio, natural light)


Unit 31 at the Second Street Studios, is a 1200 square foot space, on two levels. 
    Ground floor: 800 sq. ft. studio, divided into two 20×20 work areas, each with its own lighting system, model stand, and easels.    
    Upstairs: 400 sq. ft. student lounge, with bathroom, small kitchen, dining room, art library, plus space for still-life painting in natural light (skylight).

Studio Lighting:

There are two different artificial lighting systems in the main studio one in each of the two 400 sq. ft. spaces.


A system of incandescent (halogen) track lights, with a flood light for the model, and individual, smaller floods for each easel.  Halogen bulbs emit relatively warm light (~3200 degrees Kelvin), and cast dark, clearly delineated shadows:

Ryder Studio, Incandescent Set-up


A fluorescent fixture made by the Kino Flo Company, suspended about 14 feet up, which simulates a skylight illuminating both model stand and easels.  At 6 ft. x 6 ft., with sixteen bulbs, it produces very beautiful, cool, even light, (~5500 K), with light, soft shadows:


Ryder Studio, Fluorescent Set-up

Ryder Studio, Fluorescent Set-up, showing ten portrait easels

Natural light:

Skylit upstairs still-life space:

Still-life set-up, natural light

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