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Maribou, Anthony Ryder, Oil on linen, 8x8, 2010 © 


    Atelier is the French word for “workshop”, and in English it is used principally for the workshop of an artist in the fine or decorative arts. The current 'atelier method' is a form of fine art instruction modeled after the historic private art studios of Europe. In this sense, an atelier consists of an artist, usually a professional painter or sculptor, working with a small number of students to train them in art. Although the methods vary, most ateliers train students in the skills and techniques associated with creating some form of representational art, especially in the styles commonly referred to as 'classical realism'. Neo-traditional ateliers of this kind can be found around the world, particularly in North America and Western Europe. They often include sessions for drawing and painting the live model. (Adapted from Wikipedia)

Core curriculum

     The Ryder Studio Atelier 
is an integrated life drawing, portrait and still life painting curriculum. It runs from mid-September until the end of April. The school year is divided into fall and spring terms, each consisting of two six-week sessions. 

   a. Introductory instruction in color 
perception and color mixing
   b. Introductory instruction in figure drawing in pencil 

   c. P
ortrait painting in oil: Introduction to the complete method known as 'form painting’
   d. Portrait drawing in pencil  

   e. Portrait painting in oil, complete method   
   f. Portrait painting in oil: Introduction to the essential 'form painting’ method, ‘painting on a toned ground’

   g. Still life painting in oil, introduction and practice

    At the Ryder Studio traditional methods and techniques of drawing and painting are presented in a series of in-depth demonstrations. Students draw and paint from the live model and receive individual support and advice from Anthony and Celeste Ryder, as well as from John Reger, Toby Hall and Andrew Shears, former students and now teachers at the Ryder Studio.

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